Google Doodle honours Boole, father of the internet, UCC lecturer


November 2nd, 2015 is the 200th birthday of the father of modern day computing George Boole. Google has honoured Boole, with a dedicated Google Doodle, broadcast to billions of Google users across the world. If it wasn’t for George Boole, we wouldn’t be surfing the Internet today and I guess there would be no Google!

Who was George Boole?

Boole was a mathematician and founder of Boolean algebra and modern computing logic, he lectured in University College Cork.

George Boole Doodle for Google

The Doodle shows the “logic gates” derived from Boolean theories often used in modern computing.

Did you know that George Boole was self taught? A man after my own heart. In todays world, you most likely wouldn’t have been able to lecture in University College Cork without having attended university. #JustSaying

No University College Cork = No GOOGLE OR Internet(X-Y)

University College Cork, George Boole lectured here


I’d like to remember this great man with my timeless photo of University College Cork, where George Boole shared his knowledge of Boolean logic with countless Irish university students. There is even a George Boole library dedicated in his honour.

So Google, creating a doodle on Boole’s behalf is a fitting dedication to this inspirational academic.

To find out more about mathematician George Boole and upcoming celebrations go to the UCC website