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Extracts of nature. Close-ups of beauty. These characterise the Abstract and Flora black and white photography by Giles Norman. Here are photographs of a more contemporary nature. Uncovering the hidden art in our surroundings, these photographs are evocative moments of life, presented in a collection that includes the rushing curl of a breaking wave, the quiet elegance of a single flower, and the simple beauty of water running through sand. These are moments of nature in action, an intimate exploration of the beauty to be found in simple subjects. He encourages us to look more closely at what surrounds us, and then to step back and absorb it all in a rush – and our efforts are well rewarded. Pools of water draped with soft leaves, the sun low on the horizon, Giles Norman reminds us of how special these elements of life are, presenting them to us, sharing his vision.

“Finding creative potential amongst the seemingly mundane can be as rewarding as capturing the obviously beautiful. The photographs in the portfolio show a more contemporary style to my work; printed in a square format many of the images are very abstract in content while others reflect only the bare minimum of it’s subject matter.”

Giles Norman