100 year anniversary of the sinking of the lusitania, off the old head of kinsale

Old head of kinsale lighthouse

Next month marks the 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the lusitania off the old head of kinsale. the british rms lusitania was once the world’s largest passenger ship. the lusitania tragically sank on the 7th of may 1915 at 2.00pm, 11 miles south of the old head of kinsale. she was hit by a torpedo fired by a german u-boat during the first world war. the huge ship with over 1,000 passengers on board, sank in less than 20 minutes!

most of the dead were british, although over 100 americans were also killed, and the sinking is one of the key reasons the us joined in the battle of world war  against the germans. to commemorate this significant historic event and as a tribute to passengers who gave their lives, the following event has been organised in the old head of  kinsale.

opening of the lusitania museum and restored old head signal tower, kinsale on thursday afternoon, may 7th 2015

when and  where?

1.45pm – everyone to gather at the lusitania monument at the old head of kinsale. directions  on  google map  here

1.50pm – the sea rescue helicopter will fly in from above, adding a wow factor.

2.00pm – the courtmacsherry lifeboat will be travelling over the wreck site of the lusitania, 11 miles south of the old head of kinsale

2.10pm – 2 minutes silence

2.12pm – mr simon coveney, t.d. and those with a few tales to tell about this historic event will say a few words.

2.30pm – mr. simon coveney, t.d.,  will lay a wreath and a plaque to commemorate the occasion

3.00pm – official opening of the restored old head  of kinsale signal tower

3.30pm – everyone welcome to check out the signal tower & sea rescue helicopter for free

this promises to be a fitting commemoration to the final resting place of over 1,000 individuals who lost their lives during the tragic event of may 1915.