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New York black and white photos

New York cityscapes I visited New York in 2008 and was captivated by the awe inspiring cityscapes. I took black and white photos of central park, new york by night, grenwich village, brooklyn bridge, radio city music hall. I tried to capture the majesty, energy and night time brightness of the this buzzing city. I […]

giles norman photography joins Fine Art Trade Guild

  we are delighted to be accepted as a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, a global association, the guild was set up over 100 years ago in the UK to oversee the fine art print trade. the guild sets museum quality standards and professional guidelines for fine art print and picture framing. the guild […]

Giles Norman gallery voted Best in Ireland by Hotpress magazine

Best in Ireland shop voted by hotpress magazine

Giles Norman Gallery in Kinsale is delighted to have been voted Hotpress magazine Best in Ireland 2015 for its black and white landscape photography gallery. We make a big effort to put our customers first and strive to give them the best service possible. So a big thank you to all our customers who have […]

100 year anniversary of the sinking of the lusitania, off the old head of kinsale

Old head of kinsale lighthouse

Next month marks the 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the lusitania off the old head of kinsale. the british rms lusitania was once the world’s largest passenger ship. the lusitania tragically sank on the 7th of may 1915 at 2.00pm, 11 miles south of the old head of kinsale. she was hit by a torpedo fired by a german […]

my favourite photo – coumeenole beach in dingle

Coumeenole Beach, Dingle, Ireland

  like a magnet, coumeenole beach drags me back, drags me down its deep incline, early, always early, before footprints march ugly across my waiting canvas. approaching the dingle peninsula i pass the beauty of inch strand, a crime not to stop, i promise i will return, i promise, but i have to get to […]

what is the difference between a good and a bad photo?

every image we see, has its perfect composition and the closer we get to that, the better the photograph: it’s the difference between a bad photograph and a good one, a good photograph and a great one. it’s fundamental to both landscape and street photography, the one thing you must learn, the one thing your camera cannot do for you. […]